Sunday, August 31, 2014

In this country you can pretty much get away with anything!

My Happy Malaysian Merdeka Image!

Including insulting the government and the monarchy. You can also condemn  any religion, waving a communist or a Zionist flags other than the Malaysian flag during Merdeka celebration. Of course you will get arrested then released.
In this country you can form your own private army or security forces and then tell the police catch me if you can.  Of course you will be arrested or 200 will be arrested after that released.
You can also accused a top cop of being a Nazi with the same personality as Nazi Heinrich Himmler and  of course the police will asked you to report yourself to a police station to substantiate your accusation.  Of course rest assured you will also be released.

What's lacking with all of the above crimes committed in this country is that the  perpetrators of these heinous and despicable acts know nothing much can happened to  most a fine and suspended sentences.
What's lacking in this country is a serious deterrent so people will have to think twice before committing or breaking the laws.

Happy Merdeka Day!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

For all intents and purposes this cocaine addict is an Australian!

A neuro-surgeon Dr Suresh Nair was jailed for three years in Australia over  the death of two women over there and also admitted cocaine addict and possiblyalso  a pusher. He is to be deported to a country of his "origin", Malaysia.
For all intents and purpose he lives in Australia since childhood went to school and became a doctor then he got hooked on cocaine and responsible for the death of two women.
Now then, why was he being deported back to Malaysia after growing up in Australia went to school graduated and became a neuro-surgeon?  Ah yes, he did not take up Australian citizenship, that is why.  A loop hole eh!
This is what I believe, I think Malaysia must not agree to this deal to deport this guy being to his country of "origin".
Why?  Well he could do it again here we we allowee him back.  All he had to do is to shave his face cut his hair short and with his Australian accent he can fool everyone by opening up a practice here again or deal in cocaine without being suspected.
You know how easily taken we will be ,especially the Malaysian women meeting "Mat  Salleh" with British, Australian or American accents.
No, Wisma Putra must fight hard not to accept this convicted drug users, pusher and possibly a murderer back into this country
It would be foolish for Malaysia to do so!  Read more here.....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A good prime minister, a liberal and reformist, but many refused to acknowledge the facts!

We cherish life and happiness so we must continue to do so to protect them at all cost!

When Najib said Umno must "emulate" the Islamic State (IS) militants that have swept the Arabs world violently what he meant was for Umno members to be as brave as to fight for what they believe in.
"Kita mesti berani saperti laskhar IS kecil tetapi mereka berjaya" (We must be brave like the IS, small but we can still be victorious.)
The opposition  translated the statement using the word "emulate", which implies we must also be brutal, kill and to shed blood to achieve our goal. Phew! So scary these opposition portals and media when going all out to discredit! 
As usual the opposition-inclined media twisted his words, since he never uttered the word "emulate" to imply Najib wants Umno to be violent.
As usual the opposition news reporting has always been fraught with nastiness, innuendo, supposition, and double speaks.  When they are being sued they can always apologise, right.
When Najib said to be brave like an initially a small band of  the IS fighters that succeeded to take over an army, what he meant was to be brave and willing to die and protect for what you believe in.  He did not mean for Umno members to attack and take Penang  from the DAP by force or to wrest Kelantan from PAS by bloody means.
Malaysia stance has always been geared towards peaceful existence and co-operation and to believe that the PM advocates bloodshed to achieve power is to believe a fish needs a bicycle to survive.
Najib is a reformer and he wants to empower and to unshackle Malaysians from past upbringing, to bring a nation of masochist to a nation of where people appreciate the meaning of the words freedom and happiness.
Malaysia is  not living under the Jurassic government of the yore, nor are we living under fascistic administration and suppressive regime.
But of course there are rules that we have to live by and abide by to ensure multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia will flourish.
Najib is a gentleman, and good leader and he does not flip-flop on something precious like life and on anything the involve the well-being of our country and its citizens.
It is just that the chauvinist opposition is so bent on wresting power that it will do anything to tarnish something that works and that does not need to be fixed.
Below is a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office to the media:


27 August 2014


“Muslims around the world have watched in horror as a new conflict tears into Syria and Iraq. As reports of mass executions and killing of civilians surface, and graphic evidence of brutality emerges, we have been appalled.

“When states fail, or are broken by war, extremists see opportunity. They prey on the differences between people, using faith as a cover for atrocities. But they do not speak for us.

“The actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq are counter to our faith, our culture, and our common humanity. They are against the teachings of the Prophet, a man of peace and moderation; and against Islamic law, which prizes the protection of life above all.

“Around the world, the majority of Muslims seek to live their lives free from violence. We do not recognise the vision of our faith being forced on innocent civilians – whether Sunni, Shia, or Christian – over the barrel of a gun.

“Malaysia strongly condemns the actions of the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq. We are deeply saddened by the crimes committed in the name of Islam, a religion of peace. We deplore those responsible, and call on the international community to act in concert to prevent further violence. 

We must fight extremism with moderation, and work to rebuild the bonds between communities shattered by war."


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BABI is the ultimate deadly evil personification of our modern day Si-Kitul!

To all level headed Malays stand by your ruler.

Si-Kitul selalu mencelah di mana mana aje dan suka di pergunakan......

Reject this evil carpetbagger once and for all...

"Runtuhnya Kerajaan Melayu Melaka dengan Portugis tahun 1511 sering diulang-ulang sebagai
manifestasi lemahnya Melayu dalam menangani isu dalaman dan politik. Kalahnya Kerajaan Melayu Melaka - bukan kerana ia kerajaan yang kecil, atau tanpa perlengkapan. Kalau ia kecil, mustahil ia digelar empayar kelautan yang menguasai dunia. Kalau ia kecil, tentulah ia tidak tercatat dalam mana-mana naskah sejarah silam.
Watak Si Kitul yang diungkapkan dalam Sejarah Melayu - ialah watak manusia yang pentingkan diri sendiri. Ia sanggup mengadu domba - tidak jujur - pembelit demi mencapai cita-citanya. Inilah watak Si Kitul yang dikisahkan dalam sejarah - yang sebab kejahatannya itu telah menjadi topik cerita pembunuhan empat beranak. Sebab kejahatannya juga kerajaan menjadi caca merba.
Aku tidak boleh bercerita panjang hal Si Kitul ini - anda perlu membelek buku sejarah.
Bagaimana pun - watak Si Kitul ini selalu ada. Ia ada sepanjang zaman. Watak sebenar Si Kitul dalam masyarakat silam ialah pengadu domba. Tetapi, ia juga ada di zaman moden. Ia mewakili watak manusia pentingkan diri - tamak - haloba - tidak jujur - dan paling buruk tidak pernah melihat kesan perlakuannya terhadap bangsa - menjadikan dunia hidup kita hari ini huru hara. Yang paling utama - ialah apakah yang boleh dia dapatkan." 
Baca lagi di sini....

Chauvinist Chinese DAP in Malaysia is hell-bent on taking over this country at any cost, including using unscrupulous and un-principled politician like BABI.
DAP's raison d'etre is to destroy the Umno-BN political grip of the country.
By now we are well aware that the  DAP knows how to corrupt a corruptible politician like BABI.
The once ardent anti-Chinese BABI, at least when he was in Umno holding positions, is allowing himself to be made use of so long as he could become prime minister.
Well good luck to that, his blind and madding ambition to be PM of this country will remain just a pipe dream until the day he dies.
We all know how he detest the Malay monarchy and if he had his way, had he not been sacked by Tun Mahathir, he would turned this country a republic.
We also know his grandfather was a Indian convert who married his Malay grandmother, so this pretender to the throne is not even come a long lineage of a Malay blood.
Like the traitorous SiKitul of the yore, BABI has not love for the Malays culture, tradition, norms and mores. Why? Simply because he is not a subscriber to everything that is Malay.
So I implore the Malays of Malaysia, and Selangor in particular to reject his wife a nominee for the next mentri besar because we all know that when his wife became a mentri besar  it will be BABI doing all the nasty jobs from behind.....the scene!
Melayu  please wake up!!!  Respect our sultans and kings for they are proof that this country has always been a Malays kingdom ruled by Malay rulers.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Highly unlikely she was "raped"........

This is Laura Bushney taken from her instagram account. Can you trust her story?

Also it is unlikely for any airline leading pursersof any airline having the time to rape any passenger with the combination of their job description and work related stress and at 30,000 feet above sea level.  Highly unlikely.
I am tired of us Malaysia being bullied and blackmailed by international con-men and women plying their trade vis-a-vis their perception of us as being an easy target.
Recently we have been in the news internationally for a wrong reason. One national carrier disappeared into "thin air" with all passengers on board and we are still looking and searching.
The other carrier got shot down with all passengers and crew members perished  over Ukraine.
Now an Australian woman who claims to be 26 year s old, but looks way older, said she was "raped" by a leading purser of one of our Paris-bound Malaysian national  carrier.
While she could not scream out of fear when "raped" she, however managed to take video via her hand phone.  Sounds dodgy to me.
This is what most likely happened.  After our tragedy our national carrier were instructed to be extra accommodating to passengers in need of assistance.
Make sense to me. This is a simple design to ensure passengers to feel secure and safe with our airline and services.
So to make it short, this Australian woman by the name of Laura Bushney accused  Malaysia Airline's leading purser of rape.
I believe she might have faked her fear of flying and cried, she cried easily during her TV interview.  So our purser saw this and asked what seems to be the problem.  She explained.
By a standard procedure airline attendants are not allowed to sit beside any passenger, except in time of emergency, like comforting a hysterical passengers fear of flying.
Our "naive" purser being Malaysian fell for the trap and the rest is the story as we know it.
Why, if it was true,  did this woman did not scream or yelled rape when that happened and yet she managed to have a video taken via her hand phone, baffled me. Probe further and I have a sneaking suspicion that there is more to this than meets the eyes. Who knows she might be paid to besmirch Malaysia's reputation by someone or by some groups.
Australian government please check her background she might be hiding something about her real life, for a quick gain.
Read more here...


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prime Minister Najib Razak is nobody's clone!

Mahathir...cut Najib some slack okay!

Just to be fair to Prime Minister Najib Razak, Tun Mahathir Mohamad scathing criticism on Najib's  administration might have come at an awkward moments when the country is in a state of mourning over the disappearance of our national carrier with hundreds on board and the shooting down of another one also with hundreds on board perished.
It was an unfair attack on Najib especially when the country is in a spot of a bother with the Selangor state government political crisis.
For the record, while Malaysia is under an international microscope Najib while on "holidays" had to do a series of careful and private meeting with all the many actors involved in the downing of our MH17, yes from the unruly separatist, hostile and semi hostile political leaders vis-a-vis the retraction of our Malaysian remains. 
Now let us get into the right and correct perspective here in regard to Mahathir attacks and criticisms on Najib and his government.
Najib is doing well, and trying his best. The economy is proof of his policies' effectiveness, for example 6.5 percent growth in second quarter is beyond expectations, yes beyond what even Mahathir expected.
Inflation is very low, a lot of people still are making ends meet in other words unemployment is also very low. Selangor under Pakatan is in shambles in comparison - now that is bad and but instead Tun should have continue whacking Anwar for failing the Selangor people (including Mahathir himself since he is resident of The Mines in Sri Kembangan).
Under Najib (and Mahahtir), Petronas is making billions. Mahathir  is now chairman of Proton and his son Mukhriz is Menteri Besar of Kedah. 
Now consider this, under Pak Lah Mahathir had to quit Umno, Mukhriz was sidelined, and Mahahtir's people were isolated. Now Syed Mokhtar can even own his own newspaper.
On Mahathir's son Mukhriz, he is on top of Umno hierachy now and a Mentri Besar of Kedah.
Najib is no clone, just as he is not expected to fill Mahahtir's over sized shoes. What our Najib needs is space for him to continue his good work. Mahathir said he was upset about Najib's decision to get rid of the ISA. But history will prove that this  is Najib's defining move. Just as Mahathir was to release hundreds of ISA detainees when he became PM in 1981.
To place us in a correct perspective again, when Mahathir was in power for 22 years he did not tolerate dissent and criticism, he will throw you in the slammer if you misbehave.
When he was in power he ruled with iron fist, no dissent was allowed.  
The Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, and Kadazan and others feared him. Mahathir was like a spoiled child who will always get with his rantings.
Personally under his 22 years of rule I am not even sure he was even consolidating the Malays' agenda.
My observation was under his rule it was more of a self-aggrandisement.  He made enemies big time.
Unlike him, Najib as I know him, and of what many people know of his is a magnanimous and accommodating person. I have no doubt this country is safe under him, it is just that he is his own person and nobody's clone! BTW I like what Bujai wrote in Just Read here, refreshing.... !
As for Najib, just cut him some slack! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

This vibrant region must do away with Singapore's LKY jingoistic claptrap!

May you retire quitely old man.

The somewhat healthy cover picture is misleading, he is now more like the above picture!
LKY's minions!

LKY's precious, Golum!!!

New generation Singaporeans must not take Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) seriously nor should they read his new jingoistic book "One Man's View of the World".
His new book does not go in sync with the new spirits of the youthful Singaporeans, and those from this region, who are tired of being regimented and to be told what to do.  LKY is at best senile and at worse a remnant of the Jurassic and Stone Age thinking periods.
We do  not need him to hover over us with his belligerent and jingoistic stance about the Malays and others?
I know he will die a miserable man knowing the Malays are still running Malaysia and his "Chinese" who will be getting richer as we speak!

Yes Lee Kuan Yew is still sore for not being able to become prime minster of  where chauvinist Chinese like him rules.
His book should have been aptly titled " One Man's Blinkered View of the World".
As a Malay and a proud Malaysian I wish him not to be around anymore from this region and I would like him to be an ex-person and ceased to be chauvinist.
Lee Kuan Yew latest rambling is always Malaysia-centric.  He pokes all kind of jibes at Malaysia and the Malays, always insulting and never kind. Read here...
I have only one wish for this very nasty, and ugly Chinaman from down south that he should disappear  sooner than later and to leave this country and this region in peace.
His blinkered view has always been that his Singapore is a free state and everyone is equal, bollocks!
His blinkered view has always been that Malaysian-Chinese are badly persecuted and telling the world that Malaysian-Chinese are getting a bum deal in this country called Malaysia! Ask all the very rich Malaysian-Chinese in this country whether that is true.
Lee Kuan Yew has always harbours the wish that one day his surrogate DAP, rules by chauvinist Chinese, will take over the Malay rules and more pig sty and abattoirs can be built.
He harbours the wish that one day the Malays will disappear into oblivion and Malaysia will once again be the mighty hinterland for this Chinese ruled island republic that used to be known as Temasik and actually owned by the Johore sultanate.
I wish you will just wither away and just die and be done with it for this region.
I also wish that the Malaysian-Chinese in this country to come out and tell this nasty and ugly old man that what he said about how Chinese are being treated in this country as a pack of lies and untrue!
As for the 40 percent Malaysian immigrants he claims to be in Singapore well he can keep them for we do not need turncoats.  The 40 percent who migrated to Singapore truly wants to live under Chinese rule so be it stay there.
Enough lies Lee Kuan Yew your treatment of Singaporean is even worse, you institutionalised  discrimination to a point that the Malays there are actually living in fear like a church mouse, quiet and meek.
Compared to the chauvinist Chinese in Malaysian here they have the freedom to insult any religion, Islam especially, they can insult the government, the prime minster, the monarchy, the police and  you name them they will insult them. I only wish that you will just be gone sooner than later Lee Kuan Yew.